If your business, regardless of its size, operates a fleet of vehicles, you’re well aware of the challenges involved in maintaining a reliable lineup of cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs that are frequently on the road. In addition to routine tasks like oil changes, tire replacements, and brake inspections, there’s always an array of other issues that demand attention. Fleet vehicles often endure more wear and tear compared to personal vehicles, and problems can be neglected. At Apex Automotive, our team of skilled mechanics are here to alleviate some of that burden and provide you with the tools needed to be proactive. Our fleet service program offers competitive pricing and benefits, ensuring that your vehicles remain dependable and perform at their best. A trustworthy and well-maintained fleet means tasks are completed promptly, while unexpected and costly problems are minimized. Secure the longevity of your fleet by allowing our team at Apex Automotive to handle any service and repairs needed.

Our Commitment

We understand that being without your fleet vehicles is not only an inconvenience, but is costing your company time and money. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent, quality service. By working as, or coordinating with your existing fleet manager, we can prepare a comprehensive maintenance schedule and detailed file to get your vehicles back on the road quickly.


Our team of ASE Certified Technicians are skilled and experienced in addressing the specific needs and challenges associated with maintaining and repairing fleet vehicles of all types. This expertise translates into reduced downtime, reliable repairs and cost-effective maintenance solutions, ultimately maximizing the performance, longevity, and safety of your fleet.


From basic routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire rotations, to diagnosing more complex vehicle conditions and engine repairs, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle it all. Whether your fleet requires regular upkeep or encounters more intricate issues, our team is dedicated to keeping your vehicles in optimal condition, minimizing downtime, and ensuring reliable performance on the road.

We offer the following services for your Fleet of vehicles: Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Battery Replacements, Vehicle Inspections, Brake Inspections, Brake Repairs, Fluid Services, Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, Tune-up, Timing Belts & Chains, Suspension & Steering Repairs, Heating & Cooling Repairs, Diagnostics, Tires, Transmission & Drivetrain. Click here to view the full list of services offered.

Meet Our Fleet Account Manager

Brooke Baker